Battle of the Songs Round 2 Group 5


Group 4 was amazing thanks to the efforts of @The_early_walker
The overall of group 4 is Breaking The Habit

Time for group 5


  • Final Masquerade
  • High Voltage
  • Forgotten
  • Numb


Remember the balance of power rest in my hands


Lol, somebody changed their mind about FM


What i tend to do is not vote for my fav par say
But use my vote to tip the scales in terms of a tie
So it consistanly changes

For example
Numb and HV are neck and neck
I will once again change my vote

Battle of the Songs Round 2 Final Group

Numb needs to win!


I’m surprised High Voltage is winning over Numb.


Why does this Topic has 35 views, it´s a voting poll, and I go and have a look, and don´t vote, or is it only us looking how is the voting going on [deep in my mind, I hope the activated friends are going on voting on the B.O.T.S. Why is it so hard to bring people up? But, as Sid Viscious said one for ever (or mb even Johnny Rotten?)

@Cickym numb sure will win, believe in, thats, for me beneath Faint one of the early hymnes, making LP as big as they´re now . But what´s sure these day´s…


This group will end tonight


I check in once or twice a day to see how things are going.


It’s deffo a two legged race between Numb and HV


It’s the final stretch

Make the final votes count


It´s the 12 which vote constantly, ok, I believe, that it´s rarely possible to activate action, it has to come out of it´s own… :sunglasses: .but then I figgure out that point: Even Jesus and his 12 Apostle made it, though, 12 tough soldiers are a bank… :smirk: