Battle of the Songs Semi-Finals 2


So the vote was tied between Breaking The Habit and One Step Closer
It was down to me to decide and my vote went to…
One Step Closer…which advances to the final
Time for the second match


  • A Place For My Head
  • Faint


Come on

Lets get this poll polling


Me I´m here, it gets closer you ust make descision, I made mine and we go on to thee next poll, who hasn´t voted is himself/herself to blame! :heart_decoration: Yeah, I think it´s kinda selfresponability to do or to let be… :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:: :yellow_heart: :heart:


This was a tough choice, both songs are great. So I chose based on the faint video. I love that one!


Faint has the lead for now
But APFMH still has a chance

I always wondered what APFMH would of been like as a music video


@acemasters that would have been awesome. I wonder if they would have done something odd for it, like Leave Out All The Rest?


I expect APFMH to win, since it is a fan favorite but seems like there’s gonna be a battle.

Also, @acemasters are you doing any other polls after we’re done this one? Cause I have an idea…


I’ve already started plans for the next B.O.T.S

It will be more complicated and alot longer
But to simplify it it will be like a Football (Soccer) League

Each song will play each other once
There will be a league for each album
Like a normal football (soccer) league 3 pts awarded for a win 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss

Top of the league after all games play wins

Top 4 of each league will go onto the LP Champions League


Poll will finish tomorrow


okidoki waiting for the next descision to make! Mark the graves ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Faint seems to spanking APFMH at the moment


I think “faint” here is a winner without any consent. And I would be happy to see OSC win the war.


Yh I might end this one early
I can’t see APFMH getting back into this battle


A place for my head