Battle of the Songs Semi-Finals 3


So in the final so far is
One Step Closer

One more battle and we will have our final 3


  • Numb
  • Points of Authority


Oh dear, judging from past votings of Numb, Points Of Authority is going to forfeit the game (right here); it can’t win the race, it just won’t last… :frowning:


Numb is one of the very best!


Numb looks like it will win all by itself


Wow if P.O.A don’t start getting some votes i will declare Numb the winner and we can move onto the finals


POA has 1 vote. Don’t write it off so soon :stuck_out_tongue:


LMAO @amitrish


two voters


It has 30% (3 votes)


Exactly, although it’s pretty obvious who voted for it.

@acemasters don’t make P.O.A. forfeit the game so quickly


P.O.A has made a sudden come back but needs more to make it
With the instant jump i will keep it open a little longer


This is partiality. Voting should be open for a certain pre-defined period only, or maybe until a minimum of 20 votes are cast. Now POA becomes the underdog, and people will start voting 'cuz of that.
I demand justice :smiley:


I agree @amitrish. Numb was the hands down winner!


me too, justice


Actually Numb wasn’t supposed to win the previous round in the first place. @acemasters changed his vote so that instead of High Voltage beating Numb by one vote, becomes Numb beating High Voltage by one vote. :angry:


it´s not really a reason to distrust the good man @acemasters, anybody has to make descision at last… :smiley:


Therefore @The_early_walker, this is @acemasters’s justice for me :slight_smile:


I think it was the poll where I alarmed all my lpu friends at the morning and asked him to let the poll be open until 24:00? When 28 people voted? Wasn´t it that poll?


No, I quoted him in this poll

(OT: Sorry I was fixing the TV.



I HAD to change my vote to break the tie break

You have to let that go

If I hadn’t of changed the vote it would of been tied

If I hadn’t of voted in the first place Numb would of still won by 1 vote

This will be the last time I explain it

Now drop it