Battle of the Songs: Semi-Finals Champions League


So the Quarter Finals is over and two songs made it through by a single vote
Will the have better luck in this round

Please vote on all matches or your vote may not count

  • Lost In The Echo
  • Faint

0 voters

  • One Step Closer
  • In The End

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Quarter Finals Results





So will the next poll determine the best LP song according to our votes?


The next vote will determine the Winner Of Champions League 2


Ah. Then what happens after the the CLs?


Another B.O.T.S takes place until Champions League 3 haha

Although IF In The End wins this Champions League it would of won 2 Champions Leagues in a row


Wow, that’s quite convoluted. lol


Well it has to get to the finals first
And then win that

And by the looks of things
It will face a tough match against either Faint or LITR

And I am still planning the champions of champions league as well


I TRUST in ya creativity… We Voting on ! :smiley: finally Baby faint is well ! Have To Look if my membership is back, then i post the post! Have a nice Day tomorrow and enjoy my friend @acemasters



The polls will close on sunday

3rd place play off and finals will take place on monday as sunday is my birthday


Happy birthday, @acemasters! Have a great day :slight_smile: