Battle of the Songs: The Hunting Party Fixture 7


This is probably the closest B.O.T.S yet with top 4 still to play for

Can I ask all voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH to make it fair and even

Fixture 7

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Final Masquerade

0 voters

  • Wastelands
  • Rebellion

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  • Mark The Graves
  • All For Nothing

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  • Guilty All The Same
  • War

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  • Until It’s Gone
  • Keys To The Kingdom

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 6 results

Table so far


I’m having a really hard time voting. :confused:


Damn sure hard decisions. Worst were UIG vs. KTTK an Wastlands vs Rebellion


The toughest one for me was UIG vs KTTK.


So it seems that A line in the sand is better than any other song on this album except for Final masquerade :smiley:
(I voted ALITS, just to be clear)


ALITS is far too long for me :confused:


Rebellion did well against ALITS
It was just towards the end of the poll that ALITS edged out in front


today is not the birthday of this little piece of gold ??? CONGRATS to ya 2. Birthday, you cuty lil rebell thing…let´s have a birthday party guys…:grinning:
blog follows…
lol the blogpost is a bit off shape…:stuck_out_tongue:
better too big than too small I guess

lol normally you only got one blog on the main page, the most actual…today it is diffrent


Wasn’t THP released on Jun 17?


I got it from twitter, dear, mb, our expert please @EvoOba


This website clearly says June 17:


so I alarmed everything three days too early?lol :stuck_out_tongue:
just a new reason to add newblogs and twitters, lol, wtf…


I saw some people on Twitter celebrating yesterday. I was confused cause June 13 didn’t sound right. It was indeed June 17th like @samuel_the_leader said.


It was released on that day of that month in that year in the past

Maybe!?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


If the matches stay this way, the top 3 will be equal on points, the first time that has happened towards the end of the league
After this match there will be only 6 points up for grabs and with a 3 way tie this could go to the final fixture


Samuel…, you were right, just btw :innocent:


Right polls close in 12hrs