Battle of the Songs: The Hunting Party League Fixture 2


The Hunting Party has kicked off with the first fixture complete
Ready for fixture to

I ask that ALL VOTERS to please VOTE ON EVERY MATCH to make things even and fair
If you don’t then your vote may not count

Fixture 2

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Until It’s Gone

0 voters

  • Keys To The Kingdom
  • Guilty All The Same

0 voters

  • War
  • Mark The Graves

0 voters

  • All For Nothing
  • Wastelands

0 voters

  • Rebellion
  • Final Masquerade

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 1 Results

NOTE: Wastelands would of won its match if someone had voted on every match
But because they had not voted on two of the matches, Wastlands, Until It’s Gone and A Line In The Sand lost one vote each, although ALITS and UIG was really unaffected this affected Wastelands in winning it’s match
Again it is important to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH

Table so far


Something that I never thought in this league - quite simply decisions


Who was the first? Just noticed that we have a direkt opposite :smiley:


my favorites are all against the less liked, never the less sry for the decisions :sweat_smile: thp


Haven’t voted yet :blush:


So why don’t you?


Already did just now lol.


Another easy round for me :slight_smile:


I was the first to vote
Got sick of not been able to vote because of x and y reason so now the new rule is in place and I will vote first


Easy one for me, maybe the toughest one to choose was AFN vs Wastelands.


I’m dying a little inside every time I vote.


ME TOO; but today it was only one of the “lil death” feels…lol

I love win-win-situations…:heartbeat:

me mainstream voter [only poss on the lpu]


Right now, the devil and the god are raging inside me!
This league is tougher than I expected it to be.




The B.O.T.S league is probably the best idea I had and can’t wait to think of new ideas


Rebellion has SOMEHOW leap frogged Final Masquerade


36hrs and polls close


Well day 1 is over
May day 2 bring more votes


War vs mark the graves isn’t very fair, tow differents types of music. But for my suprise MTG is wining. I prefer War. :grin:

Rebellion vs Final Masquerade was the most difficult for me.

The fact is that, for me, all the songs in THP are good, so it is always hard ti decide.


It was a good idea to change the rules. Now you can also vote for your favorites not only to balance the wrong voters. You are the BOTS master it´s your right to vote first :grinning: