Battle of the Songs: The Hunting Party League Fixture 4


Fixture 3 is over and things are starting to heat up
The top 2 are equal on points and are unbeaten winning all their matches
Also at the bottom, the bottom 2 haven’t got a single point
Still much more fixtures and anything can happen

Can all voters VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please to make it even and fair. Thank You

Fixture 4

  • A Line In The Sand
  • War

0 voters

  • All For Nothing
  • Keys To The Kingdom

0 voters

  • Rebellion
  • Until It’s Gone

0 voters

  • Final Masquerade
  • Guilty All The Same

0 voters

  • Wastelands
  • Mark The Graves

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 3 Results

Table so far


AFN vs KTTK, Rebellion vs UIG? I’m dying! :’(


Haha :slight_smile:
There is more to come


Easiest one in the league till now. F yeah!


everything 82-18 % :laughing:


this was easy


Easy round again! :slight_smile:
And I believe for the first time I voted along with the majority on every match :smiley:
Now I’m wondering what I did wrong :wink:


This could be the first time in B.O.T.S League history that the top song in every match beat the bottom song


This fixture is rather slow
Let’s bring in the votes and watch them soar


Sorry for being late, this round is tough special AFN vs. KTTK and Rebellion vs. UIG (wtf)


This one is rather slow


Rebellion vs Until It’s Gone. Couldn’t really decide)


howdie, lol, mostly I am maintream, I see, but Mark the graves is totally underrated guys…


ya agree dude @Rick_van_Meijel?


Well looks like Rebellion is spanking UIG


absolutely. MTG is fucking awesome :smiley:


Which is also getting spanked may i add


Polls close in 12hrs


need your services please
Wastelands v Mark The Graves


It came up as tails (MTG).