Battle of the Songs: The Rising Tied 4th Place Play-Off


So as it stands

Remember The Name (1st)
Petrified (2nd)
Where’d You Go (3rd)

However the bottom 3
Believe Me
The Hard Way
Slip Out The Back
All tied

So here it is the tie-breaker
1 vote each, who will win

  • Believe Me
  • The Hard Way
  • Slip Out The Back

0 voters


can someone tag AJ for me


I can’t believe I had to vote between these 3, they were all in my initial 5.


@AJ_Tudor @aj_phillips87 @ajisenyouzaku @ajna @Ajay_Patel @AJAX




it’s @AJ_7 now


Sorry for the confusion everyone!


Is SOTB destined to take 4th place? looks like it so far!


is simy now @simy1


I don’t know but I think so.


Right so as it stands two songs (The Hard Way and Slip Out The Back) are neck and neck (again) SO, instead of doing yet another tie breaker, I have decided to take MY VOTE out of the equation, which was for The Hard Way making Slip Out The Back the 4th place winner


Tag anyone I have missed




The Hard Way took it the hard way. Slip Out slipped out of the relegation zone.
I need to stop.


@jFar920 eats…shit


Umm… What?