Battle of the Songs Update


So far this has been the best B.O.T.S I have held
And I thank you all for taking part

Advancing to the Semi-Finals are:
A Place For My Head
Points Of Authority
Breaking The Habit
One Step Closer

I used the precise order that you see them and place them into another random generator and the new order came out as followed:

Breaking The Habit vs One Step Closer
A Place For My Head vs Faint
Numb vs Points Of Authority

So there you have it the Semi-Finals which will start tomorrow


Meh, all these “casual-fans” songs.


Yup, eg: @acemasters rigged one of them such that High Voltage loses to Numb :frowning:


It wasn’t rigged
My vote was on high voltage
But numb was tied
So to break the tie i HAD TO change the vote as it was easier then doing a tie break poll which would of ultimently went the same way

My votes only influence to break a tie break/deadlock


I had done it to Numb as well I had my vote on Numb
HV and Numb was neck and neck so I switched to HV
The same way I switched back


check inbox…


Sigh… Meteora vs Hybrid Theory


Well the next B.O.T.S is gonna be like a football league where each song will faceoff just once
I will do each album one by one

Need to see how to do multi polls


Try this: