Battle of the Songs: Winner Stays On


Ooooh, this is HARD!!!


Papercut looks like its heading for another win…


I don’t know if I have to feel “guilty” to choose one or another…and we’re at the beginning… :roll_eyes: you ace @acemasters … it’s your fault! :crazy_face: :laughing: jk


Ookay!! I’ll come Everyday to vote :blush::sparkles:


So I’m not alone lol :smiley:




How is papercut doing so well? For me it’s probably one of my least fav songs from the album.


I would like to rephrase Slipknot
People’s taste = :poop: unless you love OSC.

No fighting. It was a joke.


For me the final part of the song is great (‘the suuun’) and the song is even better live, love the special Chester&Mike symbiosis here. And I think I have kind of a special relation to the song, I don’t know why :slight_smile:


Papercut dumps out another song

  • Papercut
  • Points of Authority

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It is ready



It’s ready


Read above post


Its ready


Read the post above


If we are going in order, I think Papercut will remain a winner for A LONG time :joy: I don’t think anything in Hybrid Theory will beat it on popularity grounds. I predict the song to knock-out papercut will be Breaking the Habit… (perhaps High Voltage if we are doing extended album songs?)


POA has no chance


Omg I missed the first round :weary:


I think In The End will knock it out

And don’t forget twists are coming mwahahaha


Are you kidding me? Again?


I agreee with you! :joy: :smiley:

mee too! don’t worry we have many others left! :hugs: :heart:

Yea… that willl be tough one!

Oh lol… when was the last time? :wink:


The sun goes down for all Papercut opponents :smile:


Ite it doesn’t even matter :joy: