Beautiful Songs


Have you ever heard a song that was so beautiful it made you cry? I remember the first time I heard ‘My December’ I cried. Lots of emotion in that song. Same with The Messenger. Which songs make you cry because they are so beautiful? (It doesn’t have to be LP related)


Never cried, but I’ve always been deeply touched by The Messanger and God Went North (Nothing More)


One More Light (even before Chester passed away) and Home by Foo Fighters


Me too…with OML… I only remember that one but I think I´ve cried with a few more
I remember another one “The night we met” Lord Huron lol


Bye-Bye Butterfree

This always gets me


Leave out al the rest and One More Light still makes me cry


One more light for sure…

But hands down personally it’s this one…the official music video is sickening to watch haha… it’s a beautiful song, the wispiness in the music gets me, the voices work the emotions so I love it but hate it all the more for it

I know the genre is out there but yeah


Looking for an answer and one more light


What I find really beautiful are acoustic renditions of songs by some of my favorite bands.

This is one of my favorite performances of this song, and it’s not just because I was there for it…Okay I lied, that’s absolutely why I love this performance.


No Roads Left for sure


Apocalyptica - Bittersweet (instrumental)