Beautiful Switzerland!


Hey guys I just wanted to share my little video vlog with you, since I love LPU community and all the people in it :slight_smile:
Me, my girlfriend and her class went to Switzerland and it was the greatest trip. We’ve seen chocolate+cheese factory, went to beautiful Bern and Geneve, have seen really a lot.
This whole trip took 3 day, to be more specific it took 5 days, but we spent 2 days in the bus :confused:
I filmed the whole trip because I enjoy making and editing videos :slight_smile:
The video is over here -> Switzerland Trip 2016
The last thing I wanna ask you, is to give me please some feedback if the video is good or nah.
Have a great day!


I can’t watch the vid right now but when i get home i will. I’ve been to the Susten pass and lake Lucerne in Switzerland and it was the single best looking place I’ve been to.


It’s a whole different world out there. So clean everywhere it’s hard to believe


Nice video. Thanks for sharing it.


glad you enjoyed it!


I went to those waterfalls too. Stood right next to them.

My dad took this pic with his camera. I love how the water in the bottom right is so crisp and clear.

Also the Susten pass:

That’s a massive glacier.

Man I want to go back there so badly.


that is truly amazing! thanks for the pictures :slight_smile: we want to go back too :smiley: :cry: :smile:


I want to go higher up. We only got to about 2224m because my sister was afraid of heights.


@the_termin8r those pictures are amazing!

nice video


None of the epicness comes through in pics and video.


thanx for sharing it was a nice video i like all the chocolates and that nice waterfall in the end lol


@terror569 you didn’t need to censor the video (You only censored like the first minute anyways) I like the sarcastic “f**ktory.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I know :smiley: but it was too late and I already rendered the first part and I didn’t feel like to fix it again :smiley: