Berlin Concert! Got One!


I can not believe that I got a ticket to the Berlin concert. I’m freaking out and jumping for joy over here. Who else got tickets? First time in Berlin. It’s going to be amazing!!!


I got one too !!! YEAHHHHHH !!!


got one too. :smiley:

but it is not my first time in Berlin ^^ I am living in this city


See you there :smiley:


can someone of you tell me what i got do with the ticket or do i just have do print it out?


[i’ve got a ticket aswell!!! i’m too excited!!! :smiley:


I will there to sooo happy!!!


print out or???


aaaaaaw so much win! got one!


@sarock87 where do you live in Berlin? I’m from Lichtenberg :wink:


You bring your i.d. to the box office and get it there! :smiley:


[quote=sarock87]got one too. :smiley:

but it is not my first time in Berlin ^^ I am living in this city[/quote]

Really? That’s awesome! I say we get a group together of LPU’ers and go together!


yes got mine too. And i have a way to the venue for 20 minute ^^


I got one too. It’ll be interesting to be in Berlin on my own without speaking German :slight_smile:


I live in Berlin too.
I need 15 minutes with the train to go to the Admiralspalast :smiley:


got one too :slight_smile:


See you there!!!


I feel your pain. Don’t know a lick of German. Should I be concerned about that or will I get by? (Have tons of German friends that know English.)


only lp plays there? anyone can say me how i come from the mainstation to admiralspalast? i want to travel with train. and how long will be the show?


i live in berlin (tempelhof):slight_smile: