BERLIN Meet & Greet November 19th


Question about BERLIN MEET AND GREET - Please pay attention! I have a special question about my via LPU ordered Meet & Greet package. I have paid 350,30 for that. Since the date I have ordered and paid fort hat I became no reaction, no answer. Nothing. :-( This is my order: Order #: GC0901-071614-9C8982I. My order was confirmed via E-Mail on the day I have paid. My Mastercard was debited with 350,30.

Is there anyone who can inform me about the following steps and timetables in the next weeks (Berlin Show including my Meet & Greet is November 19th) and on the day oft he Berlin Show?

Please answer me as fast as you can. I have work. And i have to plan my time.

Thank’s for your help.


if u bought this “extra” ticket with m&g u can take it before the show but i can’t say more, send a message to lululu or lorenzo