Best Albums - 2018


We seem to have a thread like this every year, since it’s nearing the end of the year, I thought I’d be the one to make it this year. So, what are your favourite albums of 2018?

Mine are as follows:

  1. Parkway drive - Reverence
  2. I am the storm - Fight Musik Vol.1
  3. While she sleeps - You are we [Special edition] (I know the normal album came out in 2017, but the spec ed came out this year)
  4. Like a storm - Catacombs
  5. Hazy sea - Death trip
  6. Hollywood undead - PSLAMS
  7. Disturbed - Evolution
  8. POD - Circles
  9. The noise figures - Telepath
  10. Black voodoo train - We are not in california

Honourable mentions:

  1. Brian D’Oliveira - Shadow of the tomb raider OST
  2. Nonpoint - X
  3. Turtle skull - Turtle skull
  4. Three days grace - Outsider


  1. Tom Morello - The atlas underground (This was plain garbage with a single ok-ish song)
  2. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic (I didn’t like it and I’m not afraid to say so)
  3. Jonathan Davis - Black Labyrinth (I expected so much more)
  4. Fight the fury - Still breathing (It felt like a hollow version of Skillet)
  5. Of mice and men - Defy (Too generic sounding and repetitive for me)


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Love the brackets!

Mine is going to be a short list, because I prefer individual songs in a lot of albums. It’s rare for me to like a whole album,:

  1. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic (sorry @the_termin8r :joy: )
  2. Hollywood Undead - PSLAMS
  3. William Ryan Key - Thirteen (still need to listen to the other new EP released a few days ago)
  4. Twenty One Pilots - Trench

EDIT: I listened to A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1 by grandson and have to say it is amazing. So that goes in the list as well


My top 5 are as follow, with Mike and grandson kind of sharing the 1st place if I’m honest. Absolutely loved both albums.

  1. Post Traumatic - Mike Shinoda
    1.5. A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1 - grandson
  2. The Ghost Note Symphonies Vol. 1 - Rise Against
  3. Simulation Theory - Muse
  4. In Our Wake - Atreyu
  5. Origins - Imagine Dragons

And in no particular order:

Gravity - Bullet For My Valentine
Defy - Of Mice & Men
Rainer Fog - Alice in Chains
Boarding House Reach - Jack White
Eat The Elephant - A Perfect Circle
Violence - Editors
Reverance - Parkway Drive
And Justice for None - Five Finger Death Punch
Bad Witch - Nine Inch Nails


I forgot that one even came out lol. Unfortunately, it too goes on my disappointment list. All the songs sounded the same to me and a tad too generic. RF is the only OMAM album I like.


For me its:

  1. Post Traumatic - Mike Shinoda,
  2. Attention Attention - Shinedown,
  3. Prequelle - Ghost,
  4. Evolve - Disturbed,
  5. When Legends Rise - Godsmack
  6. From Ashes to New - The Future

And I still need to listen to Muse’s Simulation Theory, Eat the Elephant by A Perfect Circle, Pop Evil - Pop Evil, Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots, Disobey - Bad Wolves



  1. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic
  2. Don Broco - Technology
  3. Three Days Grace - Outsider


  1. FFDP - And Justice for none
  2. Disturbed - Evolution


I didn’t even know they released anything this year. Need to listen to it when I get home.


That’s an easy question for me, because there was just 2 Albums which really convinced me. (For me it wasn’t a good year, but 2017 was and the coming 2019 seems great with Papa Roach, BMTH, Rammstein(? Maybe? I heard rumours) etc.)

First place: Crossfaith - EX_MACHINA
Second: Mike’s Post Traumatic
I’m not that into Hip-Hop, nevertheless I was amazed of it. But Crossfaith hit just the perfect mash-up of everything! :smiley: So I loved that Album. (It even has a Cover Song of “Faint” :stuck_out_tongue: )


For me: 1. Post Traumatic (without any doubts)
2. Kamikaze - Eminem
3. Origins - Imagine Dragons
4. Expectations - Bebe Rexha

Honestly, I don’t listen much to anything but LP/MS/FM, but these are great albums for me.


it’s good, but One-X is still the best for me.


I’m partial to LSN and TOV.

  1. Three Day Grace Outsider
  2. Jen Ledger’s EP
  3. Mike Shinoda Post Traumatic
  4. Fight The Fury EP
  5. Fight Musik

This isn’t in any specific order, but these are the albums this year I’ve come to love

Also bands of the year for me, I’m glad to have started listening to them:

  1. Papa Roach
  2. One Ok Rock
  3. Rise Against


I don’t make “best” or “worst” lists, so here’s a list of all the albums I bought this year, in the order they were released.

Three Days Grace - Outsider
Breaking Benjamin - Ember
From Ashes to New - The Future
Shinedown - Attention Attention
Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic
Rise Against - The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1
Against the Current - Past Lives
Twenty One Pilots - Trench
Atreyu - In Our Wake
Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army

With that being said, I think my favorite albums in this list are Sinedown’s and Greta Van Fleet’s.

Ember didn’t impress me that much, it feels like a standard release from Breaking Benjamin.

I saw From Ashes to New for free this summer, and bought their new album at the show. Their sound reminds me so much of Linkin Park. I recommend listening to them.

I wonder what Rise Against has up their sleeves for a Volume 2..


Me too, should come across it soon as I’m currently checking out their discography

This one is good, definitely check it out!

Nice thread @the_termin8r, was thinking about this topic just a few days ago. Will post my list soon

I’m with you! :smile:

Same! I wonder if they’ll go straight to Vol 2 or do a new album first


Edited my list to include the OMAM and TGD albums. Outsider is not bad.


Eat the Elephant - A Perfect Circle
12 Bloody Spies(B-sides and Raresties)- Chevelle
Simulation Theory - Muse
JW:FK OST - Michael Giacchino
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino - Arctic Monkeys
Post Traumatic - Mike Shinoda
Outsider - Three Days Grace
Defy - Of Mice and Men


Just a top 3 :
-Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic
-Twenty One Pilots - Trench
-Father John Misty - God’s Favorite Customer


My favourite Albums of 2018

1.Mike Shinoda Post Traumatic
2.Bullet for my valentine Gravity
3. Architects Holy Hell
4. Parkway Drive Reverance
5. Eminem Kamikaze


The only albums I listened to and purchased this year were:

Trench - twenty one pilots
Origins - Imagine Dragons
Post Traumatic - Mike Shinoda

And that is also the order of preference I have for these albums.
I listened to a lot of music this year except most of it is older, such as older The Killers, Coldplay, and Cage the Elephant albums.


So these are my favorites of this year (no particular order):

MS - Post Traumatic
Rise Against - The Ghost Note Symphonies Vol.1
Thrice - Palms
Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army (@the_termin8r Have you listened to it?)
The Noise Figures - Telepath
grandson - a modern tragedy vol.1
Stone Temples Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots
Nothing But Thieves - What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way (my god, the worst title ever? :joy: )

Same for me

And I still have to listen to Simulation Theory by Muse