Best Fitness Tracker For FIFA World Cup 2018


Want the best fitness tracker for Russia World Cup? Following the guides below:

  1. Keep track of your progress
  2. Free workout trainer and tips
  3. Helps in setting achievable goals
  4. Monitoring your health
  5. Habit formation
  6. User friendly fitness tracker interface
  7. Helps you to stay motivated
  8. Quantified Self Concept
  9. Monitor Your Diet Regularly
  10. It’s All in Good Measure


I don’t get it


I’m having trouble determining if this is spam or just a badly written post.


Is this advertising?


This is spam for me. More for the way of introduction (“want the best…”) And a random list of things.

@derek or @jFar920 can you please close this? Thanks in advance.


I agree I don’t get it either I think it has to do with soccor in Russia

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