Best Live Concert


So, I was wondering what everybody’s favorite live concert is?
I’ve only been to three concerts so far, Halestorm, Bon Jovi, and Kiss. Kiss was my favorite out of all three of them. Even though they’re over 50 they still have so much energy and preform an amazing show. Their saying is “you want the best you got the best…” and I definitely got the best. Halestorm was my second favorite, they had so much energy and sounded awesome. Arejay is an awesome drummer, he was standing up for most of the show and sometimes kicking the drums. Lzzy Hale sounds so much better live then on the CD, she has such an amazing voice. Bon Jovi is my third. I liked them live but I just didn’t feel that connection with the music and energy from them. I didn’t know most of the songs either, but they were still pretty awesome.
At the Kiss concert the opening band was Leogun. I think they were a local band but they were awesome! The whole entire band had a crazy amount of energy and were awesome musicians. They were really loud to like Kiss, the whole show was just so amazing and breathtaking. The other local bands I’ve seen were at tech fest. The only names I remember were Mat Wade and A Criminal Risk, they both were awesome performers and had so much energy. If you ever see their name on anywhere go and see them.
Sorry for making this so long I’m just really bored. By the way if you want me to put pics of the Kiss concert I will


There’s a thread with the same topic already


the linkin park concerts i have been, of course


I’ve been to tons and tons of concerts, but my absolute favorite was when I saw Linkin Park, Coheed And Cambria and Chiodos in New Hampshire back in 2008. I’ve seen LP 15 different times, but this one really stood out to me and it still does, and I’m not sure why. Just a great show…


I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to go to a lot concerts since 2009, but my favorite out of all the ones I attended was System Of A Down with Deftones opening in Rosemont, Illinois on August 15, 2012.


For me, my favorite and great show this is "Live In Clarkston (22.08.2007). Just at the my birthday…) Only I was not on it of course


Many of the shows I’ve been to were memorable in many ways, but to me a Rammstein show is difficult to top. I saw them last when they were in Worcester, MA on their “Made in Germany” tour, and they put on a show that really set the bar for live performances. The massive pyro effects, the suspension bridge and the second-stage riser it led to, and the overall theatricality of the event made it one for the ages. I can’t wait for them to do it all over again. [twisted]


My best concert was Sigur Ros in Frankfurt 2013. It’s not because they delivered a spectacular stage show. They didn’t. But they created such an epic atmosphere. It was overwhelming.