Best LP Concert


What is your favorite LP concert? I personally think ‘Live At Milton Keynes’ was the best one, just the energy of the concert, Jay-Z and the mash ups of Fort Minor and Points Of Authority, Bleed It Out with Rob’s drum solo and Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)

What’s your opinion?


Helo :slight_smile: There’s already quite a few threads on this topic.


I love that concert so much. Live in Texas was amazing with all of the energy. I really like the concert in New York City, Roseland Ballroom in 2001. A lot of energy and Mike jumps into the crowd xD


Live in texas & Telekom street giggs 2012


I’d say Rock Am 2004, but Live In Texas, Live at Milton Keynes,Roseland Ballroom 2001, and Projekt Revolution at Camden New Jersey are also my favorites.


Personally for me the best concerts are concerts after their debut album LP)) Concerts simply blasting!


Rock am Ring 2004 & Live in Taxas


i love live in indonesia