Best lp pic ever! must see!


THIS IS THE BEST PIC OF LP EVAAAAARRRR!!! ROFLMAO!!! look at brad hahahahaha


[biggrin] hahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaaaaa


This is Mikes profile pic :wink:


LMFAO. I saw this as Mike’s twitter profile pic. Whoever made this is REALLY good with photo shop. Great Job! LOL.


this is the funniest shit ever. I’m sure they will appreciate the humor it. Well done!




Mike is such a beautiful woman and wow does Chester have some great legs! lol! Phoenix in this pic amuses the hell outta me!


My Gosh :DDDDDDDDD But I think that Chester is still hot :smiley:


I saw this on facebook, and 2 days later Mike set this picture as profile pic on twitter, wtf Mike xD
But look at those legs XD


i honestly had noooo idea this was on facebook or twitter. hahahaha[lol]


One guy shared that pic in the group “LP Soldiers Poland” on facebook and then someone did that in LPU group i think xD


I really think this pic is insanely funny!


By far my favorite LP parody picture. Such a good job on it haha


I love Mike’s dress!! XD


Love it! Poor Chester though… always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Mike makes a hot bride though!


Saw this on twitter a few days ago. Still can’t quit laughing at it. I love how Joe actually looks good in a dress…and with boobies, lmao.


that totally doesn’t sound right but hey… it’s LINKIN PARK!!![lol]


Don’t let the white dress fool you. He’s as naughty as the rest of them.

I take it as official sanction of drag!fics.


Still trying to figure out whether this picture is funny or disturbing …


Omg I saw this on Mikes twitter and I almost cried from laughing! =p It’s both funny and disturbing.