Best LP Underground Album


Not sure if there has been a thread about this lately but out of all of them, what would you say is your favourite album released by LPU?

I’ve heard LPU 12 and ive got 16 but haven’t heard any of the others


12 is the best for me, but i would also recommend 8,9, SFTU,X,13,14 and 16


Yeah I love 12, will definitely check the others out


Underground 8 and onwards are the best ones for me. But I do love some of their other work in Underground 2, 6 and 4


I always read that abbreviation as STFU :stuck_out_tongue:

My fav is easily 12 then probably 10,1,14,9,8,11,13, ADU / SFTU,15, 16 and whatever is left after that.



LPU 1 and 2 is all I have listened to so far. lol


For me it’s torn between LPU 13 and 15 :slight_smile:


dude you’re seriously missing out


Why even bother anymore? This has been ongoing for years.


Don’t worry. I will binge on it today and tomorrow lol.


True, and it will keep on happening but it’s something that really pisses me off. People are too bored to look and a crowded forum with same threads really makes me crazy.


I think it comes mote from laziness than boredom.


Sorry, didn’t see the other thread, just getting used to things round here :disappointed:




Considering that one is 4 years old and no one would scroll that far to see it anyways I closed it. This is the new thread. If there are more older ones they too are a good ways to scroll to find them that I doubt anyone would. Yes you can search but meh’, on something like this, it’s not as big of deal as making tons of new song/album threads that will be coming soon. If the older ones bother you, flag them. If not, let them fade off and die.


Alright :slight_smile:


Don’t apologize. I’ve seen people complain about repeat questions on many forums. If the question was asked a week ago, then I would roll my eyes as well. Same if someone repeatedly asked questions answered already.
However, someone newer should not be belittled. They should be offered some advice. There are also other things that should be considered.
You do not know another person’s circumstances, so calling someone lazy for failing to read hundreds of posts, made before they joined, is a little ludicrous. It takes time to go back and read previous posts, and still keep up with current posts. Some people may have limited time to spend online due to work, school, family, about of data, etc. Other’s may only have access to the Internet when they go certain places, on on certain days.
In all of these scenarios, Everything they have to do online is crammed into a limited space of time.
There are also people with disabilities that cannot look at a computer for long periods of time, sit up for long, or use the repetitive movements used when scrolling through posts for long.
My point is only this… There will always be people that repost questions that have covered, but unless that person has been shown the ropes and does it continually anyway, you should not judge anyone, because you do not know them. All you know is that they also love LP and are interested enough to belong to this forum and be curious about something You like in particular. Coming from a woman that hasn’t had many people Ever care about what was important to her, you may try to consider it a compliment, and attempt at bonding with you.


@derek and @NickGr … I just learned something from you two, and I liked it and will remember it. I saw what you two did after I responded to this. I only left my response because I feel people sometimes forget that not everyone’s situation is the same. I also felt terrible for @chriswaleslpu. There was a time in my life that reactions like that would have made me feel bad, and I never would have posted again to avoid being ridiculed. Not anymore, but I know it bothered him. This is a place for LP lovers to unite, not fight. It is not what they stand for.


I never meant to hurt anyone and @derek too. The only reason I did that is for keeping the forum tidy