Best place for LP tattoo?


Hey! I’m really about to get small LP logo tattooed on me, but I can’t find the right place :confounded:

I do want it to be visible but at the same time not that showy. Like a little secret…
Can anybody help? Post some pics of yor LP tattoo to inspire me? I’ll be really grateful :heart:


I don’t have a tattoo (I’m not looking to get one either) but if the pic you posted was to scale then I’d probably have it either on the back of my neck (around where the collar of the shirt is) or one the bottom of my wrist or somewhere around my shoulder.


There are other threads related to LP tattoos you could check out and ask there (here, here, here and here), but best person to ask is your artist. Depending on the size, style and your personal liking. they’ll tell you where they think is best and they can help you decide together.


I´ll think bisceps on is cool everything [bad english sry…lol]


I would say your inner bicep or inner forearm.


It’s a simple design and I think it would look great no matter where placed, really. I’d probably get it on my forearm, it’d be visible but I’d also be able to cover it up with a sleeve :slight_smile:


I would say, the arm is a good place for a tattoo, or the chest as well


I think the wrist is always a good place for smaler tattoos and not to showy… also at your upper arm. And as you already said the chest, but at the chest it’s not as showy as at your arm.