Beyond grateful Lorenzo Errico ❤


I made this post after what @lorenzoerr said on Twitter:

We’re all grateful for what you did for us, let us tell you how much we love you and how much we will sustain you in this thread :heart:

I have never thought this moment would have come and as I read it I couldn’t believe this was true. You are one of the LP Family and we actually consider you as one of the band too, so I almost cried when you told us the news. Don’t feel like an idiot because you’re not, you decided what you found the best solution and so it will be. You worked with Linkin Park since a long time and it surely had to be amazing, this is your last day: make it the most beautiful day of your life! :metal: It’s hard to let you go, I admit it, but it’s okay, you’re making your own path and I, we all, wish you only the best in the world :heart: Keep rocking man and good luck! In the worst moments remember that you are not alone, we will always be by your side: you won’t work anymore for Linkin Park, but you are and will always be a member of the LP Family. You’re one of the kindest guy I have ever known, you deserve it. Much love! :heart:

You guys want to say something?


Beautiful @Marilau! There’s nothing I can really add to it. Just good luck with your new job Lorenzo! :heart::heart::heart:


wishing him all the best. So beatiful words and I’m very happy and even more than “very happy” that I got two pictures with him in cologne and a couple of team pictures :sunglasses:


So cool! Lucky you :heart_eyes:


Wow I didn’t even know he’s leaving. Good luck to you Lorenzo!! You’ve been amazing working for the LPU! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us :slight_smile:


Thank you for everything Lorenzo! We love you!:purple_heart::heart:


Good Luck Lorenzo. We’re going to miss you. Thank you for all that you have done for us


Dear @lorenzoerr ,
I’ve never met you in person, but as I always followed the guys, I know you did a great job for them and nothing will be the same without your contribute… I’m beyond grateful to you!
I hope the new job bring you nice times like you had with LP and that your career will be brightful, because you deserve it!
You’ll always have a special place in our hearts! :heart:
Take care and let the sun light your new life!
Sincerely :sun_with_face: :blush:


You deserve only the best. I hope your new job treats you well. I wouldn’t have gotten to go to the celebration concert at the Bowl if it wasn’t for you responding to my email. I will be forever grateful for that once in a lifetime experience.
Thank you for all of your hard work and compassion.
I expect to see updates on Twitter about your new adventure.
Thanks again for everything,


:heart: love you guys so much- I won’t ever forget my time here. You can always find me on Twitter/Instagram @LorenzoErr


Thank you for all you’ve done for the lpu and LP family! I was very happy to meet you in Cologne, discuss and laugh (I hope you enjoyed the baiocchi :slight_smile:️). Take good care and wish you all the best for what comes now! :purple_heart:


I ate those cookies very fast! thanks again


hope you’re doing well. It was a great pleasure to meet you in cologne and i was very happy that we’ve got some happy pictures together. I hope you’ll enjoy ‘good old germany’ :yum:

also greetings from mike shinoda germany :metal:t2:


Hi Lorenzo,

It was amazing seeing you in Vienna and to give you our presents for Mike
(the Israeli team with the flags!)

I wish you the best of luck in your new path!

I live in Berlin so if you need any help settling up here feel free to let me know it would be my pleasure to help you!

You can contact me on @Facebook or @Instagram


Great! I am glad you enjoyed them! :blush:


thank you!!