Billy Talent Fans


Hey LPis of course my all time favourite band … billy talent is my second favourite :smiley: … who of u LPUers love Billy Talent too ?


One of my favorite bands!


There is another thread for this in the forum but so what! [wink] [biggrin]
I can’t say that I am a big fan 'cause I don’t have all of their albums but I’ll say I’m a fan of them! :smiley: Going to see them in october 20th for the first time! :DD


Yes just saw them Live in Stuttgart at the 30 of september:) was my 4th Billy Talent Concert and also live their music. But LP is still the number 1 :slight_smile:


wow cool … i saw them 2 days ago in munich … first row :smiley: ive got 2 pleks of ian :smiley: