Billy Talent


Billy Talent is a band I really like. My first concert ever was a Billy Talent concert. And I really like Ian D’Sa. Brad and he are my two favorite guitar players.
And they’re a very likeable band, just as LP is :slight_smile:
Tell me what you think about them.


I love Billy Talent! I think they are awesome because they have a unique sound.I haven’t come across another band that sounds like them and their songs are so catchy =)


Definitely, yes


billy talent is one of my fav bands too :smiley: im very excited for rock im park to see LP AND billy talent :smiley: and Ian D’sa is my fave billy talent member too :smiley:


I really like Billy Talent, it is a very awesome band and I want to see their show. And so it’s one of my favourite bands :slight_smile:


They r awesome :slight_smile: Really excited that they will be at RAR next year :slight_smile:


But I’ve to say that in my opinion Billy Talent 2 is better than BT3. I dunno why BT3 doesn’t interest me so much…


I LOVE THEM…so excited for RAR :slight_smile:


“The red flag waving never meant the same”… nuff said! like 'em!


[quote=metalheart]“The red flag waving never meant the same”… nuff said! like 'em!


I went to check them out because of this thread, and I think I can say that I am going to really like them.


Cool :smiley:


Billy talent is my second favorite band…I love the rock sound, the lyrics are so intense…and I can’t wait for the next album, i hope it will be soon.


billy talent is an very awesome band in my opinion and i like bens voices because it is totally unique. they’re concerts are so cool and i would like to see them live but i can’t because i’m 15 and i have nobody to come with me…


what a pitty,. they’re doing a germany tour right now :confused:


I love Billy Talent! I saw them a few years ago on Pinkpop and I thought they were amazing.


Yaaay! Finally going to see this band in october 20th in Oulu! [biggrin]
Also bought Dead Silence and going to listen it next monday :smiley:


Totally :smiley: