Birthday Wish for a very special Person


Hi I am a pretty big Linkin Park Fan, been to almost all of the concerts in Germany and have all the Cd’ and DVD’s from LP. There is only one thing I would like to come true, my Girlfriend, who is also a big LP fan. Who has never been to a LP concert, wishes only two things. To be able to go to a LP concert, in which I bought her tickets for, on her Birthday for the concert in Berlin. It would be great if you guys could wish her a happy birthday. A very loving and big hearted person, who has had a really tough life. Thank you, hope her wish comes true.



I’m not sure how to put this gently but, as far as I know, the band members don’t read these forums too often. If you want them to wish your GF a happy birthday maybe you can try to find them somewhere before the concert and ask if it’s possible.


Are you asking this to the band members, or the LPUsers? I am assuming the latter. Nevermind, if there are balloons and cookies, I will be there :smile:


Thanks alot. I was asking the Band members. Wasn’t sure if I was right here, thanks for letting me know. Take care.