🃏 April's Free LPU Song: Wizard Song!


It was common knowledge that the next free LPU download was coming in April, but I managed to stumble upon it early, and this one seems like one everyone will love: The long awaited “Wizard Song” from the Making of Meteora!

What’s even better yet, anyone can download it, not just LPU members!

I’ve listened to it myself, and it’s pretty good, and well worth the 14 year wait.

Check it out here: http://linkinpark.com/store/product/april-free-download-wizard-song-2002-demo/

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If this is a April fools…people…will…go missing

I get these things all the time even though I’m not a MEMBER! ;-; they do this on purpose…chesseballs


Anyone can download this one, right now at least. Just click download, unless you’re on your phone


I did it from my phone…


solid prank 10/10


Silence human!!!


Well played


I can’t believe so many people fell for this XD Good job Jordan!


NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m one of the 473 fools that DL’d this. But how the hell did that link get 473 people in the first place? I should have known it wasn’t legit when I saw your name in the url @TripleXero

On another note. Was the dicourse ‘site offline’ thing another joke or did they really have a problem?


If this would’ve been Pictureboard I would’ve called you cruel!!! Good thing it wasn’t or I would’ve been LIVID!!!


It really went down. Was getting upset because I wanted to post this earlier. And LPLive posted the link, too


You fooled everyone! It’s one for the books for me, very well played. Lets see what LP does this time…


This April fool prank sure helped him get this badge:



That’s exactly what I was thinking.


I have been planning this since January. I really was tempted to tell some of you beforehand, too. I’m glad I didn’t


100 more fools have been caught in the trap since I walked straight into it.


In a way I knew something was wrong…he asked me about it in a text message, but no worries…I downloaded the file on my phone but can’t find it. But it’s alright, jordy receiving his gift now :3



I tweeted Mike the link (hope you don’t mind). I honestly think this was a much more successful April’s Fool than LPA’s joke. What they did wasn’t even believable in the first place.


Derek from the LPA actually showed me it early, and I thought it was pretty funny. But yeah, obviously not believable, but still amusing