Blame mental illness


I read what Anna Shinoda had wrote on national meme day and it was good. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people in my family. That it wasn’t his fault, it was depression or it was a relapse. I think everyone should go out and read what she wrote:


And also… I made some changes to his wiki page…


Hope it would be helpful to many depressed/sad people… :pensive:


Yep it is…
I just read that anna’s article… It was really very nice!


How petty this world is, someone went back on their and changed it. As if they know anything about anything.


That’s why they say Wikipedia cannot be trusted.


national meme day??? :joy: lmao… - nice one :high-five:

and about Anna: <3 and so much respect… I am kneeling… :pray: such wonderful words, I must finally read her book … and btw: again… happy national meme day my friend XP


I think it’s the Meme’s birthday :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep it is… Nice one. National meme day ! :smile:


lol- yeah :joy: @intheend, gummies for everybody please :stuck_out_tongue:


I read it too, and shared this all over my facebook and instagram. Putting it here in case someone wants to share it too :slight_smile:


@intheend thank you for doing this! Spreading awareness is the first step to making the world a better place!


That is so true! I’ve been on both sides. I am a survivor (2) of suicide :pensive: and worst of all I lost my brother to suicide. And from first hand I can promise you when it gets to that point it is no longer you in the driver seat. Whether depression and/or addiction plays the role. These things take alot out of you. Fighting this battle everyday, fighting the urge to numb yourself of the pain your own mind inflicts on you daily. Trying to silence those voices constantly telling you lies, all while focusing your energy on the things that you love . I promise u it takes almost everything you have to keep that smile up. For the millions of us struggling with addiction and mental illness it’s a constant battle. These illnesses will hit you hard at any moment of weakness and sadly sometimes they do win. Still even now I have no idea why I survived twice and yet my brother and Chester did not.


that’s completely true!

Because you’re strong, you’re a soldier! Chester made music and let this all into it so we could live and #makeHimProud
Be strong!


I agree with you mishelka
Yeah @danni1317 be strong… a strong soldier?


Thank u, I’m doing by best.
There is a this foundation that I wish Chester could have been apart of, many other musicians have taken part already but if any of you are interested check out the
They have an Instagram page, facebook,Twitter and YouTube channel plz check them out