Bleed it out - apfmh or burning in the skies?


Which do you think is the best mix of Bleed It Out live? A Place For My Head or Burning In the Skies? A Place For My Head is my favourite!


APFMH to me. Or NRL :smiley:


a place for my head for sure!


A Place For My Head is the besttt. Burning in the skies is also gret though:)


apfmh + rob’s part :slight_smile: love it!


i never heard bleed it out with burning in the skies, i dont think…
maybe i have… and not remembed it, but im use to place for my head :3 that was is awesome


Hmmmm…tough one. I gotta say APFMH but I also loved it when Mike sang NRL over the bridge.


Nothing to add :smiley:


Had burning in the sky for perth show,was good. Prefered a place for my head,suits bleed it out beat.W:-)


I prefer the APFMH bridge, because it’s more powerful and I just like APFMH very much. I also like the way Rob plays the drums during the APFMH bridge in Bleed It Out, so as already mentioned … way more powerful [wink]


Exactly what I think! [wink]


i think both are really cool but Reading my Eyes + Rob’s part + APFMH is my favourite ^^


Definitely APFMH! That’s also the one I’ve seen live :wink:




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Definitely prefer APFMH. BITS is awesome, but I don’t think it blends with BIO as well. I really like it when they do NRL, actually.


“Bleed It Out” live from Phillidelphia, PA has both songs in it![mrgreen]


A Place For My Head


APFMH! Absolutely.