Blog post detected as spam


Hello Soldiers!

I joined LPU some days ago, and now trying to post my first post on my LPU blog, but everytime it appears a message that detected my post as spam.

It’s happened to someone else, or i’m just out of luck?


Your post might contain some part(s) that could be read as spam.

Can you show me a copy, or a screenshot, of the text that you’ve been trying to post on your LPU blog? (Here in this topic or in a message).
That way we can see what could possibly be wrong with the post…




Hello Soldiers [smile]

I’m Simone from Rome, Italy.

I’ve been a big Linkin Park fan ever since the release of their first album Hybrid Theory (still my favourite album, with Meteora and Minutes to Midnight).

Currently i’m playing guitar in a Linkin Park tribute band, hope to show you something very soon.

Can’t wait to talk and interact with other people all around the world about our passion.

If you want, feel free to add me in your frendlist!


Hmm, nothing wrong with that post from what I read there… We all write like that.
Try again (also try and change a few words/sentences) and if still nothing works, report it at
Hope you’ll be able to post soon.


Ok, i will try again!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Damn, i’m trying to contact support, but system doesn’t recognize my password, so i’m trying to reset, but every time it appears this page error.


Any tips?


There used to be a direct email you could send support to, but I can’t seem to find it


I can’t remember their direct email either, so I just tweeted them. Hopefully they’ll see it quickly.


Thank you for your help guys!


ground(ctrl) submitted a ticket on your behalf. Should be good to go!


Thank you so much Lorenzo! Really appreciate man!

So they will contact me directly, or i have to do something? Because i can’t still open the support ground(ctrl) section.


still can’t use blog and lpu forum.

Someone could send me the direct email for support?


Did this ever get fixed?