Blue Light @ Hollywood bowl


awww, :sunny: pink is wonderful too, all colours of the rainbow :rainbow: are beautiful and the gesture will make them feel our energy :heart_eyes:

Can you maybe link the shop to buy them inhere @cathie88 :grinning:?

I am in Sec D, Row 19 btw… and it`s just 21 days to go …



Look up “we do 2017” on facebook and it will pop up! They will let you know what sections are set and hope you can help us out!


alright, but I do not have fb, … let me just know it here, ok?! :sunny:


Yea no problem!


Hey guys. So we’ve decided we’re going to pass out pink glow sticks to hold up when the band plays OML. A few of us have volunteered to buy a pack of 100 to pass out to our section when they start playing it. Please don’t break them until they start to play!

Glows sticks are allowed on planes.

They are allowed at the venue as well.

We are hoping to get people from each section to buy some to pass out during the song. If you want to do this please list where your seats are.

I don’t think it matters where you get them from as long as they are pink, but this is the cheapest I’ve found.

I hope everyone likes this idea! Just another way we can tell the band we love and support them.


I’ll let them know your section :slight_smile:


awww very nice soldier sister #MakeChesterProud, :sunny: - great initiative :sunny:


I’m in p1 I’ll buy a couple of those 100 packs for that section if it’s good

There’s way more than 200 seats in each section though :confused:


I know there are people helping out as well if they have extras


Do you know if all sections are getting covered?
I’ll make sure I have enough for the section I’m in if that helps


I’ll let them know you’re in P1 (we don’t have anyone in that area yet) :slight_smile:
I’ve bought 300 and will pass them around in a bag or something with a note explaining what to do, and hope they reach as many people as possible!


This Is what we have covered so far!


That’s awesome :grin: halfway there


Just want to let people interested in buying pink glow sticks for the show that has them as well in bunches of 100, 500, and 1000 and they seem to be the same ones amazon has. The Dollar Tree stores also sell them in packs of 8.


We’re getting there!


In J2 there are many people buying the sticks, I guess J1 too will be covered :wink:


Hey I’m in J1 is that area covered??


I’ll buy a pack but are we doing sticks? Necklaces? Or bracelets? Let me know I’d love to help


I looked it up but couldn’t find it😢 what profile pic does it have


Actually there’s 1 other person for J1 you can def help out with glow sticks. If we can get extra for areas where they run out that’d be great!! We need sticks preferably, and just says “we do” and it has the official poster for the event on FB