Blue Light @ Hollywood bowl


Yeah we are already doing pink!


Sounds like it could be very nice no matter which color it’s gonna be.
It’s a pitty I can’t attend the concert :frowning:

I also was thinking how great it would be if the fans can rise the papers with their countries’ flags. It would be like a worldwide ocean. Probably some of them could rise their & someone’s else flag since not all the fans can be at the concert.


I like that idea…with ‘we do’ written under it!


we can’t bring too much big flags inside the venue, but if everyone would bring 1 little one it can work out :slight_smile:


what about like an A4 paper? that way everyone can print and write We Do at the bottom?


The size needs to be 8x11in or smaller


yes I think so. @cathie88 is right about size


Yeah. I remember being at the concert of the other band where the fans brought a4 papers with their flags on. They were in the bags or pockets untill the right moment. It was very emotional when everyone was holding his/her flag during the song.


Nice idea :sunny:️- this sheets thing, flags or OML or RIP- maybe a pic from Chaz… btw guys, did we heard something about an official lpu- meetup until now?? @lpuhq1 would be very nice guys :sunny:


Fans are planning on getting outside the bowl for 3:30/4pm to meet :slight_smile:

LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl

@cathie88 aww, very nice and my compliments sister: you do a great job :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Hello ! About the lights, please, join Well We Do: Holding Up a Light at the Hollywood Bowl 2017 facebook group for update on this. I do not want to say this out loud , as we are trying to make sure that the band and the family do not know about it, but the plan is already worked out among thousands of fans . Please, either message directly or tweet me @erudvp for details if unable to join the group. Thank you !



Can you email any updates? Not on twitter or fb
I’m taking a bunch of sticks but don’t really know a whole lot besides what’s been said here


@framos1792? You come by car, right?


Yes I will be driving over Friday morning
Plan to arrive in LA around noon :grin:


friday the 27th?
ok- can you maybe do me a favour? I feel that I need a backup with these glowsticks- I start to dream nightmeres, kinda like: the only block without pink light was the block under my responsibility- :scream: (:joy:) yeah, and now my question: Can you - please buy one 100 glowsticks pack on top for me? I won´t risk anything, and them in my suitcase may cause troubble- no need for… :see_no_evil:- and I will buy mine then in LA Wallmart or so, lol- but yeah, and that´s my nighmere: they maybe “sold OUT” :scream:- I need your support…


:joy::joy: I can’t imagine you having nightmares from it but sure I’ll order another 100 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
I actually tried to order from Walmart and it takes to long for them to arrive and in store they don’t have much so I’ve been getting them from amazon


grafik @framos1792
awwwwww friend :hugs: - the first beer goes on me… :beers: and the second too - I am very very thankful :sunny: - you saved me from further nightmeres


@framos1792 have you been emailed the details? Otherwise I can send them over to you :slight_smile:


I have not received anything so if you could give me any info I would appreciate it very much :slightly_smiling_face: