Blue Light @ Hollywood bowl


@framos1792 have emailed you :slight_smile:



At the moment we’re a little up in the air about whether or not we can take hundreds into the venue each, we’re still awaiting final confirmation from the venue as they may be lifting the restriction on this.

Otherwise the Bowl is fine for people to enter with 10-20 each. So as a back up we will have mini notes printed and elastic bands/ziplock bags to make bundles to hand to people outside the venue.

There’s a fan meet up at 3:30pm outside the venue and all the glowstick volunteers will be wearing a yellow glowstick so we know who we all are!
If we aren’t allowed to take the whole lot inside, we’ll hand them to fans outside and ask to pass to those around them etc

I’ll update once I know more!


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the glow sticks!


Wow everything looks so amazing


Those who brought glow sticks and distributed them did such a great job. Just about everyone around me had one. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately there were people who didn’t want the glowsticks even if I said they didn’t have to pay for them… So sad


Yeah it was harder than it should have been
If we could’ve taken them inside, everyone would have taken one once they saw it was everyone


Yeah it would of been easier to pass around inside and by the sounds of it, security didn’t even care!

I took around 20 in alone and they didn’t care. Others said they took their whole lot in. So it’s a shame it could of gone that way!

And I had I explain to a lot of people they were free lol

I’m glad it happened and went well though :slight_smile:


You all did a great job!
I was watching from home in Australia and it was so exciting when all the pink glow sticks started appearing during OML :heartpulse: