Blurred M&G photos


Hi everyone!

M&G’s FAQ says that they have a professional photographer who takes pictures.

Here are few examples from 2012 - 2015:

Is it a professional photos? I don’t think so… And I think it’s unfair because people who have been selected to M&G’s want good pictures with band. But they can’t take photos themselves and “professional” photos are blurred.

What do you think?

Who is in charge of LPU?

A lot of the photos are really awesome, haha xD
Fortunately, in Berlin (11.19.2014) photographer perhaps had a good day and I have fine M&G photos. And what is the most important, they’re not blurred! <3


It’s a one time thing. Hasn’t happened before… maybe they had some issues, who knows. Cut them some slack, they’re stressed, tired and who knows what else might have gone down that day.


Examples from 2012 - 2015 it’s a one time thing? And professional photographer it’s not stressed. But they don’t have a proffesional photographer… We pay for LPU and M&G’s possibility, so it’s not fair.


You pay for a chance to meet them in person, not a freaking photo. Just be glad you have the opportunity to do so cause other people don’t.

Also, keep in mind that Missy takes a lot of photos too during m&gs. She may not be the best but she tries at least. Better have a blurry or lower rez photo than nothing.


You’re right, but what’s the point of sharing photo like this: :smile:

A lot of people want pictures with band members, so if LPU Team take blurred photos, why not allowed to take pictures by own camera? It does not take a lot of time.

Also, individual photos with a band member are not permitted, but some people have individual photo taken by LPU Team. It’s also not fair.


Maybe they didn’t go through them all before uploading them and missed this one. I don’t know…

I understand that you want a selfie or whatever with X band member, I’d like one too but I also understand why they ask us not to take photos at the m&g. It’s so much nicer having the guys NOT be greeted by a phone or talked through a camera, they’re much more comfortable and tend to actually talk to you if you care enough to have a moment face to face.

You can’t blame Mark or Miss or their photographer for going around and taking random shots of people as the guys walk through the line. That’s the point, to take those photos. You might end up with one of yourself or not. In the end, I personally don’t see the point in making such a big deal out of the photo. It’s about enjoying the m&g, you don’t need any proof or “memory” in a photo form.


I know it does kinda suck that the pictures were blurry, but I agree with what @EvoOba said, it’s more about the experience. Also, it does suck that some people get individual pictures and others don’t, I’ll 100% agree with that


I agree these photos are really bad


out of focus blured bad lighting how can these photos even be posted as meet and greet photos cant see anything not what you should be getting On LPU


cheek out the ones from Poland and why did the ones from Russia get taken down for 2 days before re appearing ?


@EvoOba What is the point of photos if cant see anything ? and why do they tell us at ever meet & greet photos will be posted on LPU in a few days if they don’t want us to have them I love my photos from download & from Manchester England its something worth waiting for and to see those photos must be heartbraking yo a lot of fans I know a guy in mexico who passed away 2 days later after meeting LP they where so happy to get these photos when I sent them to his family so photos are important too


I feel like this is a decent time to bring it up since it’s about the Meet & Greet process, but I was a little bit irked by how mine went down myself. Not the pictures or my actual experience, but something else.

At my show, and I assume others, people other than LPU members got to go the M&G, and whatever, that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal (like if they paid extra or won it from a contest), but they weren’t with the rest of us, they got their own special M&G on the side in a separate room. What is with that? They got the same amount of time as us, possibly even more, for a third of the amount of people, people that aren’t LPU members. Their room had couches and seats and stuff when we had to stand or sit on the floor, and they got to take personal pictures with the band and time to talk to them, when the LPU members were kinda sped through.

I really don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I loved the M&G, and me sounding like I didn’t like it is my I’ve put off mentioning it, but why are non-LPU members being given what seems like extra benefits that LPU members are not? And I don’t want to make it a “LPU members are better than normal fans” thing either, I just don’t understand the separation


Of course, I must say, that I’m NOT ungrateful too. I really love LPU, I am! And I really love M&G’s - thats amazing experience. But it is normal discussion - needed discussion. So keep calm and love each other. :smiley:

Btw. You’re right, @TripleXero. I don’t like the possibility of buying meetings. I think it’s Carnivores Tour and 30STM fault - they have this system for a long time and LP did the same as they. :confused:


moaning on a very high level, imo sure it´s a mess that we can´t take own photos, but it´s a clear regular, so if it bother you -don´t take a meet & greet pck, so the

second thing is: want you to show the photos to sbd to show you with the bandmembers? It´s sure nerving, if there isn´t one of you with your fav. band member but remember:
You made your picture in your mind, of your moment, and noone can take it away… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can’t understand why people in US can take a photo (I’ve seen a lot of selfies from Carnivores Tour or that Winter US Tour), wait, people in Western EU also can take photos (Germany, UK, etc), but people in Poland cannot. It’s weird.
It should be done this way:
LP is signing your item, then someone takes a “group” photo of you and LP. A lot of bands are doing M&Gs like this and it’s working fine.


@Chris_Styles I understand both sides. I just said that for me personally, the experience itself is everything I need. Of course people need photos and I’d be bummed if I had one and it was blurred but again, for me, the actual meeting is what counts. It depends on every person’s likings really.

As for what @TripleXero mentioned, I unfortunately know for a fact that a lot of LPU members that hadn’t won the m&g for the show they were attending, got “special” treatment because they are considered “famous” in the community (which means staff, band members etc actually know them), so when they were greeted by I don’t know who from the staff, they were led backstage, had private tours and met everyone. I also know that Jim once invited some non LPU members to the m&g simply because they went and said hi to him…

On that note, let me just say how stupid I think those “premium” m&g packages are. Like, WTF? Pay a ridiculous amount of money for what? A tour and a “special” m&g with the band? Please!! That’s just another way to make some extra bucks. Also, I don’t understand why LPU members pay for the Summits. Paying for it doesn’t mean that it’s included in the membership. They should just open the spots for everyone and whoever managed to get tickets fast got to go, it’s so simple.

@xTirea It really depends on the band member at the time. If you ask for a selfie and they say yes, there’s no problem. You’re allowed to take photos in general, they just ask you to not do it while someone is signing your stuff, talking to you, but in some m&gs (including the one I attended) there were minors in the group so photos we not allowed AT ALL. Security was all over us, literally. That’s probably why they didn’t let you take any in Poland, and I’m sure it has happened before too.


@EvoOba you have completely missed the point because yes the meet & greet experience is amazing but what if there where no photos of Christopher who PASSED AWAY as I said previously in my post that they where very happy and grateful to get these photos of there son at the meet & greet with chester if there had been no photos how would christophers family been able to see there son at one of his happiest moments of his life metting LP and to get these photos ment everything to them because was one of the last memories of there son at his happiest so you tell his family photos don’t matter or are not important


@xTirea no one in England was allowed to take photos at any meet & greet because it told me quite clearly in the email I got that strictly no photos could be taken only the official photographer from LPU can take photos and selfies are done by LPU not by any fans that is incorrect if you want my email for the download meet & greet I am more than happy to let you see what it says about people not being allowed to take personal photos


Christopher wasn’t the only one. I’m sure his parents were very glad to receive the photos, also his dad was present at the m&g so he got to see how excited his son was. In these cases, the band always takes an extra measure and make sure to do whatever they can. You might have noticed that whenever a disabled fan attends a show, they make sure they’re ok and got everything they need. Photos are of course taken, it is the least they can do for those people.
But like I said, in general, like for everybody else, the experience itself is what counts. Other people want the photos, others don’t. It’s up to each individual really.