Boris vs Mike Shinoda


It appears Mike’s phone got stolen and some guy going by the name of Boris is now using his Facebook account.


Is that a troll? :joy:


Well this is what Mike tweeted after that… Or Boris… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m done :joy:




lol I tried to DM this Boris…



DM him different things and he responds…message him Flannoda, Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, Leak the album, Boris and Try the Ketchup, I’m confused. Apparently there are more prompts as well. Linkin Park Association and Linkin Park Fan Corner on twitter keep updating on the prompts


Why does he sound like a bot? :joy:


I can’t breathe :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy::joy: :joy: I love/hate you Boris! You’re so cool (no much as Mike) jajajajaja


Wtf can’t Mike shinoda go and report that to Facebook and get his password back to go direct to his email that Boris is screwing things up :expressionless:


Don’t think like this about Boris, he is there to make your day better :wink: C’mon give him a chance :slight_smile:


It’s a mega promo attack :joy: imo… the release comes nearer and nearer, but yeah- seems to be fun :joy: Trollnoda at his best :rofl:


I just checked Mike shinodas Facebook and the profile picture is a sock that’s mestup


Except that he is kind of rude! But still, he’s overall a nice guy. He also plays the drums. Maybe not. I am not sure (type:Where’d you go)


Boris replies to my messages right away. I appreciate Boris. Mike doesn’t reply :unamused:


This thread tho :joy: :joy:



This Boris is sock-ing serious!


Jajaja I loved your reply! Who is behind Boris? He/she has a lot of time to reply the messages.