Boris vs Mike Shinoda


#whenboredomstrikes #mustbedrunkonketchup :stuck_out_tongue:


Two more! I think it’s Adam who is behind it. He keeps telling us, did you ask Boris?


I didn’t think in that. It should be he. Someone should ask Boris who’s his owner. Even though I don’t think he replies something logic or non-rude jaja



No, he doesn’t lol :joy:


Jajajajaja his lady should be the most happiest person (stock) in the world jajaja. I’ll try to talk with him.


LOL what did you type to get that @lpaniist ?


I asked him if he’s jealous :joy: I check Adam, LP Association and LPFanCorner on twitter for what to ask him btw

secret tip: tell Boris that you love him :blush:


I follow Mike on YouTube, and Boris hacked that too. Very interesting thing to wake up to…

#29…Day 2: still confused


I think this is the explanation!


FINALLY :joy: so he’s just hyping a new video. Pretty smart I’d say


LOL, I can’t stop laughing :joy:


Jajaja how do you get those answers?! He always sends me his “lovely” replies jajaja.


He only answers to certain questions… Adam gives us clues about what to ask :wink:

Yeeeah, he can be so rude :joy:



I haven’t been on Twitter enough time then. Thanks :slight_smile:




Does someone have a list of everything that’s been working?


I was gonna ask the same! Is it a bot?! :smiley::joy: Saw this boris on yt post… it was like lol what?!

Wait… @acemasters ?? Live stream yt? What was that :sweat_smile:

:joy::joy::joy: Lol!

I badly wish i had messenger! :joy: Damn !

Goodness!! :smiley::joy::joy: Ayeee!!

I just got to know about this today… it’s all over my head!!:joy:


I was testing somethinf ahead of my “planned” listening show