Boston Show 11/14


Hi everyone! I will be attending the Boston show and I am looking to meet other LP fans that live in Massachusetts. If you’re going let’s chat!


I will be there! My car is decorated and I can’t wait. One month!!


I am so excited to finally see him! I cannot wait! This month needs to pass by quick!


I will be in Boston, too! So excited!


It does lol. Are you guys driving in or train?


Thanks for sharing That will be an experience you’ll never forget . Have a great time I just love Mike


My boyfriend and I are driving to the show. We only live an hour away and as much as I love the T, Id rather not be at its mercy. Hahah


I’ll be there next week, looking forward to it!


I think we settled on driving to the Wellington t stop. Then going in on the Orange line.


“Almost there, almost time
All my life, just waiting
It’s only one more day
It’s only one more day
It’s only one more day
It’s only one more, waiting for tomorrow”



I’m only a little excited! :grin::grin:


@markd15sox @melisLP @audie820 Hoping to meet you all at the House of Blues tonight! So excited!


Is there a way to send PMs on this? Or is everyone just gonna post in this chat where they are when they get there? Lol


Ill be at the meet and greet and then hopefully they let us stay on the floor even though our tickets are balcony. :upside_down_face:


Meet and greet as well cannot wait! Can we bring something to be signed? Like normal size i mean? Do they offer any storage or anything so i dont have to hold it


Does anyone have an extra ticket for tonight? I came into a little bit of money, and I would love to get to see him again


There are $6 tickets available on stubhub, which seems crazy


Thank you @markd15sox! Super excited. @cassini12, when I did VIP in Toronto, they said he would sign one item, didn’t matter what it was, and they give you a tote bag for the Record and artwork.


Also, LP fam, I will be going solo tonight to Boston if anyone wants to meet up


Same, I’ll be leaving work at 6:30 and should get there at 7. It sounds like doors open at 7, concert starts at 8. Is that right?