Boston show vent


This is long so bear with me. Back in June, my family surprised me with an airline ticket to LOS Angeles so I could go to Mike’s free show at Amoeba Records. I arrived on my birthday. We got to Amoeba at 1pm the day before the show. We camped out overnight. This was my first experience with the LP community. It was quite amazing. People were sharing food with each other and also feeding the homeless.
The night of the show, I got to meet Mike. He was so sweet and humble. He took his time with every single person in line. It was such an incredible experience.
When we found out he was coming to Boston, my husband got us tickets. Unfortunately, we couldn’t swing the VIP tickets. Luckily for him, he just got the email from LPU saying he won a meet and greet ticket. I’m SO happy for him as he loves Mike, LP and FM as much as I do. I’m having a hard time not feeling totally crushed for myself. I know it makes me sound like such an ass but it’s hard not to feel this way. I’m sad that I’ll miss getting to see my husband meet his idol.


It is a bummer that you won’t be there with him. They usually discourage usage of cameras in the M&Gs, but maybe someone else that manages to go can see if they can get a short video of them together. There should also be some photos of the event uploaded eventually at a later date