Bought 2 memberships. Can't gift 2nd one


Hello! Help me please with my order. I purchased 2 digital subscribitions to LPU 14 with intention to gift the 2nd one to my friend. After purchasing I’m subscribed to LPU but I don’t see any option to handle the 2nd subscription.
Any help will be so much appreciated cause my friend wants to attend to rock in Roma m&g. Thanks in advance.


If you bought them both under the same email and name then you have a 2year subscription instead of one. Email support, maybe they can help you sort the info on the accounts out. Also, I’m pretty sure the Rome m&g contest has closed by now…


Can you please share the support email?
Just for the note in dashboard I have next year as an expiration time.
I still got 3 hours :smile:


Good luck getting a fast reply.


Thank you. Support was just wonderful and resolved my issue transferring my 2nd membership to another account.
Have a nice day!


Ah great then :slight_smile: You too!