Brad Delson Facebook Site -Admins searched


I founded a Facebook Site of Brad Delson some time ago (350 likes) and I’m searching some more admins here (I’m the only one till today).
If you’re interested anser this topic and i’ll contact you!


Brad Delson; ‘likes’? Don’t you,like, really, like, get the, like, funny part about, like, this one? :wink:


Hey Chris!

What kind of things would you like to see posted on the page and do you have a link to it?



I like to see news and pictures by LP or Brad… The normal stuff :wink:
I’m not sure but i think the link is


If you’re looking for someone who can talk about Linkin Park until your ears bleed then I’m your man. Haha. I’ve just liked your page. My name is Danny Smith. :wink:


That sounds good and you’re not the only one! I text you on Facebook!


Okay man. No problem. :smiley: