Brazillian LPUers unite


Hello, everybody!

I was thinking that would be nice make a topic about the LP concerts in october here in Brazil, so we can know who’s going, where and everything.

Maybe make some kind of meeting, so we can go to the line together (:

Speak in english!


[size=15]Rio de Janeiro meeting:

Oct 8
Place: Pizza Park (2nd floor of Via Parque Mall)
Time: 1pm (local time) we’ll go to the line after our lunch.[/size]

[size=15]Sao Paulo meeting:

Oct 7
Place: The Line
Time: Before you go to the line, buy snacks and you will be welcome to our bonding time.[/size]

[size=15]Porto Alegre meeting:

Oct 11
Place: Redencao
Time: 2pm[/size]

_________________________________________ [b]Who's going:[/b]

[quote=“Sao Paulo concert:”]

Buh - VIP — ErickJaquelineGtalesRenanBrunoAlexandre - VIP - will arrive in the morining — Jessica - VIP — Mussi - VIP — vickyhJamilie - VIP — Leonardo - VIP — PricamolesiLuiz - VIP — Luis Felipebaahx - Comum — Renato - VIP — FabricioMarceloNaty - VIP — AmandaLucas - VIP — TacyEdHFortHellenLuiz GustavoPriscila[/quote]

[quote=“Rio de Janeiro concert”]

Buh - VIP — Bruno - VIP — RafaelBarbara - VIP - will arrive at 1pm — RenanCassio - VIP — MattheusLeandra - will be there in the morning — Ligia - VIP — Leonardo - VIP — VivianeLuis FelipeMarceloCaio Renato - VIP — MilaRackelTiagoLohayneDanielle[/quote]

[quote=“Rio de Janeiro - extra concert”]

BuhBrunoLeonardoClaudioLuis FelipeRenanRafael[/quote]

[quote=“POA concert”]

Luis FelipeMarceloDeboraNestor - VIP — Claudio -VIP — Paula - VIP[/quote]


Eu vou no show de SP, vamos nos encontrar


Guys, talk in english!! otherwise, the moderator will end the topic…


eu vou no de são paulo vou chegar lá no sabado de madrugada!!!


What time you guys gonna be there?

On Adam’s FAQ, he said you have to te there at least 30 min before the gates open, so you can get your Early Entry.

I was thinking… the gates open at 4pm in SP… maybe I’ll be there around 2:30 - 3:00 pm.


I’m from RIO.

I’ll go to the SP and RJ shows with Premium Tickets too :slight_smile:


I think I’ll be there around 1:30 pm because I’m going with a group from Rio.


Vou no show em SP :slight_smile:


I think this is at least seventh thread about this topic.


I’m going to the Rio concert :slight_smile: I’m gonna be there at 1pm… if some of you see me in the line please talk to me cause I’m not good at doing this I don’t know how to start a conversation with people face to face… I’m so weird lol


I think that already have a topic about the shows in brazil. I’m going in SP and RJ concerts too


I’m going show in Curitiba in the VIP, if there happen any meeting I’m in!
Going to have some identification team LPU in concert?


I’m going to Rio Premium Pit!!!


Curitiba here…


Eu estava pensando nisso !

Quem ae vai no do Rio, Pista Premium ?


Sao Pauloooooooooo HERE!

Counting the seconds… [cool]


[quote=Mattheus Alves]Eu estava pensando nisso !

Quem ae vai no do Rio, Pista Premium ?[/quote]

Eu vou de pista premium!


i,m going to SHow in SP VIP!
I’ll be at the gates early in the morning xD


[quote=Chemist999]I think this is at least seventh thread about this topic.

Just as much as about M&Gs.

Okay, you guys from SP tend to go around 1pm to the line. Same goes with Rio… since I’m going in both with the VIP tickets. So if I go around this time I’ll meet you guys there? I won’t be alone in the line like a dork?


I’m going to the concert in Rio and I wanna be there in the morning.