Breaking the habit (Djent/Metal remix)


Hi, i wanted to share the remix i did of the Breaking the Habit song, which i always felt so loose for that powerful vocals^^

Hope you like it.


This is good, I like it. And that says something because I don’t like the original (and yes I know the story behind it’s existence and the song’s significance).


Me not! Can i get involved?


Mike had written BTH when Chester had drug problems back in his past and during the Meteora process. This song was helping Chester to breaking the habits :wink:


All right, thanx @Kat_Bourdon lol, so it seems too be a great bonded couples, thoe two, through the good and the bad days, nice! (ot OMG too much love inhere, can pl anybody splatter sth? lol ) nice ground for a song, don´t ya think so @amitrish??


Actually, Mike had written the song (the early demo at least) way before the HT days. He just managed to master it during Meteora. Chester’s struggles at the time just helped him in a way to write those lyrics and eventually have the guts to speak to him via the song and let him know that he had to stop and that he and the band was there to help.

I think it’s prettu remarkable, you know, how close they are. I really appreciate such people, who do everything for their loved ones. Such friendships are really hard to build these days.


But at least it is a descision, to be a trustfull friend you´ve even to give it in, when wanna get it out…but we sure agree @evooba, to find sbd to trust is very hard these day´s lol :sweat_smile:


yeach thats right… this story can inspire the others like Chester to stop the drugs…cool…


Don’t really like this, the original always had this very symphonic and epic vibe, this just has a very low guitar without any real riffs. The drums also sound very programmed, and the vocals could be higher in the mix. The intention is pretty great though, I always felt like this song lacked instrumental power, but for me, this amount of power is just way too much