Breaking The Habit mixed with Drawing (its Demo)


Hello Lp Fans. Ive seen LP Live In Okinawa (2009). An American living in Japan. My Life…well what Ive become is similar but opposite to Chester. Recently I tried to commit Suicide but failed. No one in the world would care if I died knowing the Truth. Breaking The Habit was important to Chester and to myself, so I took and edited a few versions of Breaking The Habit…Reanimated it Hybridly. My Dedication to Chester, and a reminder of My Mistakes for the remaining part of my life.

Heres the Link:



The Live Concert, The only time I seen a Linkin Park they played The Breaking The Habit Extended Intro, bad quality but heres the vid:

Amazing how 2009 Chester…and myself were both fine but 2017…

Thanks Chester, and LP, now and forever.


@darkn3ss I what to thank you for sharing this . I love this song and i know how this song means to u and chester. I also feel like in his songs he tell everyone what he was going though alot . Thanks so much.


So Sorry To hear life is bad I can relate ive been close there myself Ive got secrets too never told anyone but ill tell you Ive been abused like Chester Attempted rape drugged beaten verbal emotional abuse too I really like it Well I would and do care Ive got other issues too if I can share my stories


Thank You for the reply, and Im happy you enjoyed it. My story is kinda
opposite of Chester, but like Chester, the meaning puts me into tears.


My life was guided in a way where I would want to fight and oppose everything/everyone. I was suffering from bullying, verbal abuse, and more. Just a few years ago in Japan I broke down, and made a series of choices that made me question who I am, my own Humanity. I hated myself more than I could admit and wanted to end it all…my cure. Realizing Ill never be alright I overdosed on Meds/Wisky, I was going to jump off a building like in the Breaking The Habit video like Chester did though…


Ouch Thats pretty deep I am glad you are here with me We can share This time starting today I am here for ya I am a good listener I came close to driving in a wall once but I sat there and talked my self out of it and said I wouldnt give my son’s father the satisfaction Ive been really listening to each song on every cd carefully and Ive been learning alot stuff i never heard before This is strange I was watching a concert dont remember which one but behind Chester where Rob plays the y have the Lp logo well this white mist covered the front of that went from right to left and then disappeared I doubt it was from the lighting cause it was at an angle I thought maybe that was the spirit of Chester or somebody


I’m opposite with chester too he’s my mean Reason I’m stll alive today. If it wasn’t for chester and linkin park i would have been gone. I attended to Commit suicide 2 time before. It was chester voice that help me .


Ive been hurt in ways that affected me too much and something happened after that and drived me to commit crimes that would of locked me up for good. The day I heard Chester passed away I cried and had a hard time going to work. Few weeks after Chester passed my guilt was at an all time high…I kept watching the Breaking The Video and kept noticing Chesters Ghostly image on the animated video and told myself its the end.

“Ill Never Be Alright” :pensive:


I meant opposite as the events that happened to Chester…

Chesters voiced helped me through my life too


His death followed by my guilt, I kept thinking EVEN Chester would hate me…


@hilaryfol So sorry to hear that I think all of us share the same feelings. Thats why we all get along so well We all can relate to each other and we are there for each other