Bring me the horizon - sleepwalking




What you think about this band and song


never heard of them


good stuff :slight_smile:
had been considering to check them out for a while, just never did it. thx for sharing 2 great songs.


Thanks for the band info ! I like the song “Sleepwalking”.


I had the chance to see them at Vans Warp Tour this year & they were really good. The performance was great. The album is also amazing, actually paid for it too hah.


Sleepwalking is a great song. Not too keen on their older stuff but the Sempiternal Album is amazing! And I’m from their hometown of Sheffield too! :smiley:


Well, i’m a fan of BMTH since maybe 6 months but i didn’t have the chance to buy one of their albums. But i watched every music video of them and of course also ‘Shadow Moses’. Absolutely great song. It has something mystical, something different that i didn’t really expected from them. But despite this little change i still like them :slight_smile: