Bring me the horizon


Do we have any Bring Me The Horizon fans here? :smiley:

They’re one of my absolute favorites, I even got to watch them live this year :slight_smile: was AMAZING


I heard two songs from them in the radio, on the other day. Those sounded pretty good, so I started to think that I should buy an album from those guys :smiley:


saw them on tv two years ago and hated them. but as i heard the song ‘don’t go’ one year and a few months later on the radio i thought: ‘how could you have been hating this band?!’ they’re amazing and there is so much power in their songs. unfortunately i don’t have a record yet but i really want to buy me ‘there is a hell, believe me i’ve seen it…’ i would like to see them live but i don’t know anyone who would go with me to this concert… but they are at ‘rock am ring’ this year and maybe i’ll see them on tv again :smiley:
what was really surprising for me was that oli is a vegetarian because i am one too :wink:


Bring Me The Horizon is a great British band that plays ‘metalcore’.

Their latest album, released in 2012 was called ‘Sleep Eternal’. It was featured in Australia’s Triple J radio station during 2013. It sounded like an awesome album, with a diverse set of great tracks. Of course you have to be into hardcore!

A joke that was actually going around in Australia. It was that the words ‘this is sleep eternal’, which were screamed in a few songs were rather comically heard by some people as the phase ‘this is sand-pit turtle’.

I plug (recommend) Bring Me The Horizon to anyone who’s serious about metal or hardcore, especially if one is wanting something to combine the two genres.




I like Bring Me The Horizon very very much!
Can’t wait to see them live in summer :slight_smile:


I like BMTH, but their music is really hit or miss for me. Either I absolutely love it and find it beautiful or I think it sounds rushed for an album. \m/


I have their latest album and think it’s a great record. Other stuff I’m not fussed about, although I do like Blessed with a Curse.


I liked their new album as well. Didn’t care for old material. I’m going to catch them live at Vans Warp Tour.


Sempiternal is a great album.


for sure … I love this band … also I listen to a lot Suicide Silence … and Parkway Drive … someone else is a fan of these bands? "D


Yorkshire boys too [biggrin]