Buy gold pass 4 Milan live


How’s possible buy gold pass 4 live concert in Milano?


Is it possible??


IN the last 2 concerts in Italy there were a lot o’ people with gold pass.
One o’ them said that he was a LPU member, so i want to know too how to buy this kind o’ tickets


That’s interesting, nice!! Let me know if you can and how we can buy it!! :blush: Thank you


IDK if it’s possible also 4 this concert. I’ll buy 2 tickets 4 the one in Milan and i’ll tell u

The password for the I-Days Milano 2017 ticket pre-sale

what are these gold tickets including guys?All I know is that tonight they sell the first PRE -tickets (lpu vip tickets this, including meet & greet) ya get ya code onya account side 11cet!


the tickest are available from up tonight (in Europe) 1900


I don’t think so. In the last 2 Italian concerts, there is only LPU tickets that allow to go in before the others…and give you a chance to be in the meet & greet.
There isn’t any other special tickets!


I’m buying ticket in this moment!!

Inviato da iPhone


yeah me too…still waiting…


Where pre sales ticket can be bought, i can’t find the link?


Bought!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


me too! 6 tickets!!


You must use the code under your profile picture and then go to website


or go to EVENTS, I-day Milano, there is a link to ticketone, use the code under your profile picture…and you can take them!! :wink:


Thanks :kissing_heart:


there is no meet&greet announced,did I got it right? :frowning:


I didn’t see it too :confused:


not for now…maybe in the next months we know something!


mhhh… I worry, Guess maybe these tickets are just for Early entree, to get a nice crowd in the pit? I decide to wait for more information… mhhh, not very satisfying :sob: