Buying LPU12 Physical CD


I"m New Here the things is that i got a free trial membership by purchasing a Living Things Album. I want to purchase a LPU12 Physical CD but somehow when i click on to buy it it ask me to enter my membership account and when i did it it would not direct me to the add to cart page even when i’m in the trial membership account the same things happen just keep on asking me to sign in. So please help me as i really wanna purchase the CD.


You can’t purchase the cd simply because you are a trial member and not an official one. Trial members have access to certain parts of the LPU only.


The trial membership doesn’t contains all opportunities. I guess, the LPU store is closed for trial members, because some of this guys would buy “anything” from the LPU store and than sell it with profit on Ebay. But hey: Welcome to the Underground :slight_smile: Won’t you stay for longer?


Thx for replying maybe ill just purchase a membership :slight_smile:


purchase a membership and be apart of the lpu community. thats what i did and it turned out great


I started with a free month trial too, and gave since purchased 2 years memberships :slight_smile: