Calgary Show, Favourite Moments


Who else made the Calgary show last night? Wasnt that an amazing set!!! and when they broke into the Sabotage cover I was like OMG!!! lol What was your favourite moment??


The meet and greet where Mike was wearing the Mountie uniform.


lol that was awesome of him lol I cant wait for the Group photo to be posted. I thought it was awesome that they broke out into Sabotage totally unexpected there [smile]


The whole meet and greet experience was so surreal and just completely insane. Will never forget meeting my idols


I’m with you on that one, I got to shake Chesters hand and talk to him Mike and Rob, Joe went by fast lol


Definitely the entire meet and greet experience! Showing all the band members my tattoo and hearing what they thought of it was amazing!! Also getting an individual photo with Brad then having everyone get freak out at me and my two friends for it was quite humorous!


lol NICE


I got my 8 track Hybrid Theory demo signed, the one with She Couldn’t on it. Mike looked at it curiously and then said it was super cool.


I did enjoy them busting out into Sabotage, but I’m not a big Beastie boys fan. So while I could sing along it wasn’t the highlight for me.

I loved the mix of Shadow of the Day, Iridescent andddd I can’t remember what the first song was now. sigh pregnancy brain.

My favourite part all day was getting a text from Kevin saying he had a friend with an extra meet and greet (a +1, not two in his name). While not expecting to meet the guys again for a few days it was an amazing surprise. Meeting the guys was great. They signed my shirt on my belly and I got hugs from Brad and Chester who were both curious about my baby and how I’ve been doing health-wise.

A bit disappointing how fast Joe went through. Like he didn’t even want to talk to anyone! Just head down signing stuff then gone. Not sure how I felt about the layout of this M&G with them walking up to us, while on some levels it’s great (able to hug the guys easier, or have them hug me rather) but on others it was awkward, like when you got two band members at once and wanted to have time with each of them. There were tables off by the doors so I’m not sure why they didn’t just put something together?

Loved the show, was sad not being front row of the pit but being 6 months pregnant nixed that. And being short it was hard to see through all the people to the stage, so I watched the screen most of the time.

All in all it was a great day!! :slight_smile:


Favorite moment of calgary’s show? easy. Meet and Greet. Meeting so many of you other LP Fanatics was totally refreshing. I was the guy in the orange hoodie (the loud and obnoxious one… heh)

Getting that individual photo with Brad and 2 awesome friends, (one close friend, one old friend) was fan-f***ing-tastic. and getting to be virtually right beside Mike in the M&G picture was the coolest thing EVER. “sometimes i feel like i’m standing right beside Mike Shinoda…”

All in all, their set was better than i was expecting, even having read the entire setlist prior to the show. No matter how many times I see Linkin Park live, it’s still just as exciting as the first. And i’m getting the shirt they signed for me framed A.S.A.P :smiley:

Getting to show my tattoo’s to LP and having every single one of them saying “Man that’s old school! that’s so awesome!” pretty much made my life. :smiley:


This was my first Linkin Park show. And it was the best one I could have asked for! The set list was incredible. I loved the variety and the fact that they played quite a few from Hybrid Theory. I liked the energy they had and MIke and Chester were dead on vocally.

The M&G was cool! Meet some awesome people in line…where I am from there aren’t a lot of LP fans or I haven’t found them yet. Missy was lovely! (I want her job!) I loved the Mike’s Mountie costume. So funny. When Rob walked in I had a huge smile on my face and must have been starring for awhile because he looked and me and said ‘hey’. I had one of those moments where it was like is he talking to me? No, he can’t be. As I turn around to make sure he isn’t talking to someone else…i think there was a pause for what felt like forever and then I said Hi. I felt like I was a 14 year old girl.

I liked the fact that they came to you instead of going to them at a table. It seemed way more personable. Joe and Brad seem to speed through the line. The rest were super friendly. I don’t really remember meeting MIke. Its a blur. I think I was too excited. I didn’t feel nervous at all because they were all so nice and chill about it.

Even though I would have loved to see Incubus (the second time Brandon’s been sick and Ive missed out on seeing them) if they had played I would have never gotten those free tickets too see LP in Edmonton!


Our group photo is up!


We are a good looking group!


Really wish I could have been at the M&G with you guys :slight_smile: sounded absolutely awesome!
Next time for sure - K


I was at the show in Houston and when they broke into “Sabotage” the crowd freaked out and just got so crazy. The one thing Lp does so well is keep the crowds energy up so high throughout the entire show. I love that their fans are the craziest most loyal fan out there.