Call for LP Australian (Aussie) Fans



I’m new to LPU, have been a member for just less than a month.

I have been a LP fan ever since Hybrid Theory and continue to share my support and interest to linkin park.

My question is to those Aussies LP fans out there, have any of you been to any LP concerts in Australia and how was the experience? I have never been to any link park concerts yet and if there is one coming up in Australia, would love to go. I can’t imagine what I have missed out on that I never been to any previous LP concerts in Australia. Please help a fellow Aussie LP fan out here! Feel free to add as well!


hows it goin dude and welcome to LPU! [smile]

My first LP concert was in 2003 at the Livid Festival in Sydney.
I won a competition with Channel [V] and got to watch LP from the side of the stage and also attend the meet & greet. Probably the best experience I’ve ever had.

after I’ve pretty much attended every Sydney concert since.

2003 Livid Festival Sydney
2007 Sydney Entertainment Centre
2010 Acer Arena Sydney
2013 Soundwave Sydney
2013 Sydney Entertainment Centre

The last tour was pretty awesome, got to actually meet a lot of the Sydney LPUers before the concert and during the Meet & Greet. [biggrin]

Keen for the next time they tour down here!


Hey im from Sydney, Have been to every concert except 2003 festival.

EVERY LP concert has been a state of the art event and an electrifying experience to say the least.

Haven’t managed to get a meet n greet as yet but am keeping my eyes n ears open for next tym. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, it would have been great to see them live during their early years from hybrid theory to meteora era. I wonder when their first time was playing live at Sydney? if it was that same year, I know I wouldn’t have been able to go as I was still at little school but still knew linkin park! I love EVERY track of hybrid theory and continue to play them over again.


My first show with them was in 2013. Freaking amazing! Won a meet and greet too so it just made it even better :smiley:


I’ve seen them 3 times in Melbourne and got to meet them once. It was so amazing. I was a bit of a zombie at the meet and greet, but I managed to spit out “Its nice to meet you” to Chester and he said "It’s nice to meet you " back to me. Watch the LPTV episode “You’re a legend” on YouTube. It shows their last tour to Australia and the m&g I was at in Melbourne. Welcome to LPU I will add you as a friend, message me anytime. -Jen.