Call of Duty MW3?


Anyone playing mw3?
Here we can discuss about maps, fav. weapons, rank, prestige mode etc!

Lets go!


I’ve got it on PC, haven’t been able to play it as much as I’d like (work and Skyrim!). It’s pretty much the same game as MW2 (of course) but I do like some of the new tweaks, and Kill Confirmed is my favorite COD mode ever.


Sniping is so difficult in this iteration because of how frantic the levels are.


Yeah I’ve noticed that. They all seem really small and tight, corridor style. I guess that’s part of them rushing to get this out + the whole collapse of IW. Oh well, maybe the first $15 map pack will have some cool stuff.


Lockdown is good for sniping … actually - you can snipe on every map :wink:

best weapon m4


Anyone got it on PS3?
If so feel free to add me: gmpaul14


I play it. Love annoying the kids on XBOX. Quickscoping is basically the same to me.

Currently Lvl 56 1st Prestige. I should prestige into 2nd by Friday. Seems very easy to level in this game.


Battlefield 3. That is all.

Oh, and Skyrim. That is defiantly all


[quote=Ginger]Battlefield 3. That is all.

No way! I played it and it sucks for me :smiley:

Oh, and Skyrim. That is defiantly all


The maps are stupidly small and make the game feel so frantic and less about skill and more about reaction time. I hope they bring out bigger maps in the map packs to make it more balanced! Plus the higher killstreaks like the AC-130 hardly do anything because the maps are so small!


Better than bf3 with those insane huge maps …
I grew up with cod and i will play it forever:)
I love the maps:)


I got it and I like it.
The story is only ‘okay’ but even though the engine is old, it looks better thatn Battlefield 3 (MY opinion [biggrin]). Why so many people say the campaign is only an add-on for MW2 isn’t clear for me, because there are new and cool missions with much special in it, like drones, submarines and so on. Of course MW is almost always the same, but it’s always good. If I had to choose if I should either buy MW3 or BF3, I’d choose MW3.


I’ve got it for PC too. Played a little bit and I’m not impressed. They need to develop a new engine. It’s the same since CoD4 and it looks awful nowadays. And it would be cool if the dedicated servers are ranked because it always takes a few minutes for me to find a game. Maybe that’s because my internet is very slow ^^
Apart from that it’s a fun game for quick and short entertainment but I rather play BF3.


I agree, games like Halo and Battlefield are much better cause they require more skill.


Let’s see if embedding videos works. Just played a min ago and got super lucky.

Guess not…lol

Here ya go


Its all about the graphics … so lame … bf3 sucks for pc because of origin and also the single player is stupid


This is a very good game !! Especially I like to play in multiplayer [smile]


[quote=Anton]This is a very good game !! Especially I like to play in multiplayer [smile]


A great shooter. Passed in the same breath. =)


[quote=Nex]A great shooter. Passed in the same breath. =)