Camden, nj m&g cancelled :(


Hello LPUer’s, so I got an e-mail about the Camden, NJ Meet & Greet is cancelled. That would have been my first M&G for Linkin Park :frowning: Is there anyone else here that has never been to a Linkin Park M&G? Who else got the e-mail?


I didn’t get an email but the reason for the M&G being cancelled is because they are having the 6th International Summit before the Camden, NJ show on August 17th. The Summit will most likely include a M&G so there will be no point in doing 2 Meet and Greets in one day.


yea probably because the summits that day and your going to basically be chilling with them for a while and more if you were able to get the tix


Makes sense with the Summit and all, yeah. I was wondering about that too. Didn’t get an email, but I ‘applied’. I already had my M&G this year (Netherlands), so I’m kinda ok. Summit is a no-go for me. I knew about that one too late. But I’m glad I’ll be there, watching/hearing them perform the new songs :wink: \o/ \m/